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Bike Hoops by Australian Bollards specialise in the production and installation of bike racks and hoops. Available in various designs suited to both indoor and outdoor application, these bike hoops are made from premium materials and can be installed by the team at Australian Bollards.

Bike Hoops by Australian Bollards are extremely space friendly, designed to provide security for cyclists whilst occupying as little an area as possible. From bike hoops suited to busy streets to racks that can be installed inside a small apartment, there is a product for everyone.

Bike Hoops by Australian Bollards is a branch of NJM Group, which was founded in 1992 with six employees in a 32 sq. metre facility. They began providing services to universities, local and regional manufacturing companies and Shell Australia within Victoria and Tasmania.

Today, NJM Group have expanded to incorporate Mining Companies, Railway Stations, local Councils and Shopping Centres Australia Wide and service customers from their 1,700 sq. metre warehouse/factory in Heidelberg West. We manufacture and distribute products which range from, but are not limited to Bollards, Handrails, Bike racks, Speed humps, Wheel stops, Variable rate boards, Steel staircases and structural steel beams

We design, manufacture, stock, install, deliver and maintain, to exacting specifications.


Why do we need Bike Hoops?

Bike hoops or bike racks are a frame, traditionally made from steel, where bicycles can be secured via a lock when not in use. Bike hoops come in a range of shapes and sizes, and depending on the formation and number of racks, can accommodate anywhere between one and dozens of bikes at a time.

Strong, durable and easily installed, bike hoops are a simple and practical solution for securing ones bicycle without hassle. Common outside office buildings and other places of employment in CBD areas, bike hoops are noted for being architecturally striking. As a result, the look and design of bike racks is of major importance to both the customer and producer alike.

These days, it seems like everybody rides a bike. Businessmen ride them to work, couples ride them for leisure and there are more cyclists than ever on the road. However, this presents a problem for those trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Where are they to leave their bikes when they reach their destination? Enter Bike Hoops by Australian Bollards.

So why do people need bike hoops? At the risk of sounding obvious, people simply need a secure place to leave their bikes. Bike hoops are not only convenient for cyclists but also for others using the same area.

In the absence of bike racks, people are forced to tie their bicycles to street signs and power poles, creating an inconvenient and potentially hazardous environment for pedestrians. Blocking the footpath and impeding walkways can be a major issue, particularly in the inner city where cycling is very common.

Thanks to Australian Bollards range of Bike Hoops, there is always a better option for bike parking.

Available in a variety of designs, Bike Hoops by Australian Bollards cater to all. From the basic hoop top and flat top options to the stylish Key Shaped Design and the space efficient Ned Kelly rack, there is a bike hoop to suit all situations.


Types of Bike Hoops

There are a range of bike hoops available from Australian Bollards. Whether it’s differing lifestyles, geographical position or the reason behind cycling, all people are different. To cater for everybody, Bike Hoops by Australian Bollards offer four options: Hoop Top, Flat Top, Ned Kelly and Key Shaped Designer racks.

  • Just a huge thanks to the whole Australian Bollards team for being so helpful in every way to make the project a breeze.

    Tara Knowles-Teller via Twitter
  • Friendly, helpful and resourceful team. Awesome design and professional installation, quick support.

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How do we Stack Up?

Aside from us of course, another company doing some good work is Cora Bike Racks, Australia’s leading supplier of bicycle parking systems. Similarly to Australian Bollards, Cora stocks a wall mounted option along with the more traditional shaped bike rails, ensuring there are an array of options for the customer to choose from.

There are more than a few similarities between the two companies. Keeping with industry standard, both provide products that are compliant with AS2890.3 guidelines and are fully welded to reduce vandalism.

Bike Hoops by Australian Bollards and Cora also share a commitment to rider usability and space maximisation, regardless of whether the product is intended for a government entity, a specific business or an individual’s home.

Widely renowned for their expansive range of Commercial standard bicycle parking systems, Cora Bike Racks target a specific segment of the market; namely, bike storage, protection and parking.

Conversely, Bike Hoops by Australian Bollards are one of many branches under NJM Group, an organisation that specialises in a wide variety of sectors including the aforementioned bollards as well as wheel stops, bump rails, contracting and marine fenders to name a few.

Cora may well be the industry yardstick but Bike Hoops by Australian Bollards are closing the gap with their impressive range of premium bicycle parking options.

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